Journalist, Reviewer, Screenwriter, Novelist.

Screenplays, Plays & Fiction

Television screenplays, and plays are inspired or based on true events. Fiction stories are for adults & young adults within the fantasy, historical and mystery genres.

Magazine Articles

Arts and culture -- museums and art exhibits, entertainment, local attractions, historical sites, interviews, and Korean culture and entertainment.

Book & TV Reviews

Book reviews - Adult, Middle Grade and Young Adult - SFF, mystery, romance, historical, & contemporary genres. TV reviews - US, Europe, Japanese & Korean.

Julie Carlson

Freelance Writer

Based in the Los Angeles area, Julie has over 13 years experience writing for magazines and newspapers. Her articles have been published in a variety of publications in Arizona, California and online. Currently, Julie is an Arts & Culture contributor for North Valley Magazine, Alta Journal and Pasadena Magazine and Southern California Life Magazine. In her spare time, she enjoys writing screenplays, plays and fiction.

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